Understanding Southwest Airlines Baggage Policy: Tips and Tricks for Hassle-Free Travel


Air travel can be stressful, especially when it comes to dealing with baggage. Southwest Airlines has gained a reputation for offering affordable fares. They also provide friendly customer service. The airline has its own set of baggage policies. Travelers should be aware of them for a hassle-free travel experience. This comprehensive guide will provide you with all the essential information about Southwest Airlines’ baggage policy. It includes carry-on and checked baggage allowances. It also has fees for overweight and oversized items. It also has procedures for lost or delayed baggage. Additionally, it offers expert packing tips. Whether you’re a frequent flyer or an occasional traveler, this blog post will help you navigate Southwest Airlines Baggage Policy with ease. It will make your journey more enjoyable.

Carry-On Baggage: Understanding The Rules

Southwest Airlines has earned a reputation for its fares and exceptional customer service. The airline has established a clear and concise Southwest Airlines Baggage Policy. It aims to guarantee a smooth and stress-free travel experience for its passengers. The airline’s regulations entitle each passenger to bring one carry-on bag and one personal item onboard the plane.

The dimensions of the carry-on bag must not exceed 24 inches in length, 16 inches in width, and 10 inches in height, encompassing the handles and wheels. This provides uniformity in the overhead bin space. It also facilitates efficient storage of carry-on luggage. The personal item, , should not exceed 18 inches in length, 14 inches in width, and 8 inches in height. This compact size allows the item to fit under the seat in front of the passenger, maximizing legroom and cabin space.

Southwest Airlines requires passengers to stow their carry-on bags in the designated overhead bins or beneath the seat in front of them. This keeps the cabin organized and clutter-free. This practice not only optimizes cabin space but also minimizes the risk of obstructing aisles or emergency exits, making sure the safety and comfort of all passengers during the flight.

Checked Baggage: Fees, Weight, and Size Restrictions

Southwest Airlines offers a generous checked baggage allowance. Each passenger can check up to two bags for free. But, there are certain weight and size restrictions that must be adhered to. Checked bags must not exceed 62 linear inches (length and width + height) and 50 pounds in weight. Bags that exceed these limits will be subject to overweight or oversized baggage fees.

The airline charges overweight baggage fees for bags weighing between 51 and 100 pounds. The fee for the first overweight bag is $75, and the fee for each more overweight bag is $100. Oversized baggage fees are charged for each bag with dimensions exceeding 62 linear inches. The fee for oversized baggage is $100.

Southwest Airlines also charges a fee for each checked bag that exceeds the standard two-bag allowance. Additionally, there are other fees. The fee for the third checked bag is $75, and the fee for each more checked bag is $100.

These fees are subject to change. It is advisable to check Southwest Airlines’ website for the most up-to-date information.

Overweight and Oversized Baggage: Charges and Exceptions

Southwest Airlines has clear guidelines and charges for overweight and oversized baggage. This helps with efficient baggage handling and fair space distribution on its flights. Understanding these policies can help passengers avoid unexpected expenses. It can also ensure a smooth travel experience.

For overweight baggage, Southwest charges a fee for each bag that exceeds the standard weight limit of 50 pounds. The fee for the first overweight bag weighing between 51 and 70 pounds is $75, and the fee increases to $100 for each overweight bag in this weight range. Bags weighing between 71 and 100 pounds incur a higher fee of $150 each. Note that overweight baggage fees apply to each individual bag. This is the case regardless of the total number of checked bags.

Also to overweight charges, Southwest also imposes fees for oversized baggage. Oversized baggage refers to bags that exceed 62 inches in the greatest linear dimensions. This refers to the sum of the bag’s length, width, and height. The fee for oversized baggage is a flat $100 per bag. Unlike overweight fees, the Airlines Charges oversized baggage fees for each individual bag that exceeds the size restrictions.

But, there are certain exceptions to these charges. Southwest Airlines offers a generous baggage allowance for military personnel on active duty. It allows them to check in up to four bags free of charge, regardless of weight or size. Additionally, Southwest does not charge overweight or oversized baggage fees for certain items. These items include wheelchairs, assistive devices, and certain sports equipment. The airline advises passengers to check its website or contact customer service for a complete list of exempted items.

To avoid overweight and oversized baggage charges, pack and weigh your bags before arriving at the airport. Southwest Airlines provides detailed guidelines and recommendations on its website. They help passengers pack and adhere to baggage restrictions. By following these guidelines, you can provide a hassle-free travel experience. You can also avoid any unnecessary expenses related to overweight or oversized baggage.

Lost and Delayed Baggage: What To Do and How To File a Claim

If Southwest Airlines loses or delays your luggage, contact the airlines customer service department. You can do this by calling the Southwest Airlines Customer Service number at (1-833-876-0502). You can also visit the Southwest Airlines website. When you contact Southwest Airlines, you will need to provide information about your flight, your baggage, and your contact information.

Southwest Airlines will start a search for your lost or delayed baggage. They will give you a Property Irregularity Report (PIR). This report is important. It contains the information you will need to file a claim for your lost or delayed baggage. To file a claim, submit the following documentation to Southwest Airlines.

  • A copy of your boarding pass
  • A copy of your baggage claim ticket. 
  • A copy of your Property Irregularity Report (PIR)
  • A detailed list of the contents of your lost or delayed baggage 
  • Proof of the value of your lost or delayed baggage

Once you have submitted the required documentation, Southwest Airlines will review your claim. They will determine whether you are eligible for compensation. If Southwest Airlines approves your claim, they will either reimburse you for the value of your lost or delayed baggage or provide you with a replacement bag.

Please note that there are time limits for filing a claim with Southwest Airlines. You must file a claim for your lost or delayed baggage within 45 days from the date. If you do not file your claim within this time frame, you may not be eligible for compensation.

Tips for Packing and Avoiding Baggage Hassles

This section provides tips for packing when flying Southwest Airlines and avoiding baggage hassles. Packing cubes are lightweight containers that help organize and compress clothing. They can be a lifesaver when it comes to maximizing space in your carry-on. Consider wearing your heaviest clothing and shoes on the plane. It will reduce the weight of your carry-on. Create a travel-sized toiletry bag with only the essentials. Include toothpaste, shampoo, and deodorant. This helps avoid packing unnecessary items. Label your bags with your name, address, and contact information. This will ensure that someone can identify them if they misplace them. Finally, arrive at the airport early to avoid rushing and forgetting essential items. Follow these tips to streamline your packing process. It will reduce the chances of baggage-related issues during your Southwest Airlines Flight.

Remember, Southwest Airlines has a strict baggage policy. It’s important to pack and be aware of the airline’s guidelines. This ensures a smooth, hassle-free travel experience.

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