Delta Airlines Name Change Policy

The name change on your boarding pass is a common phenomenon in the aviation industry full of plenty of passengers applying for a name change because of multiple reasons just like any other airline. The legal requirement of delta airlines is that every passenger must fly with the correct name. Airlines understand the importance of name correction and offer plenty of options. There is even an improved name change process to protect your interest. So you don’t have to be distressed before requesting a change. Delta airlines authorizes the change of the last name entering from a marriage. You can easily rectify the middle name on the ticket without modifying your surname. You can also alter your nicknames to legal names on the delta airline ticket or boarding pass furthermore you can even carry out simple additions to a name without changing your whole name. Here you can learn everything about delta airlines name change policy. 

Under What Conditions Can You Go For Delta Airlines Name Change Policy?


 There cannot be any situation based on which you can apply for a change of name on the ticket unfortunately. For example you might want to change your last name Well some might like to change the middle name so you need to know that all the situations must be met to proceed appropriately.

If you have recently got married you can update your ticket information to reflect your new legal name. But you need to provide specific evidence to facilitate the name change process like a copy of your marriage certificate. You can get done with this process through the official website or by visiting the ticketing office. Overall delta airlines name change marriage policy shows the airlines commitment towards offering you a focused approach in understanding the importance of updating your information for a stress free travel experience.

Middle name is not a mandatory field to fill. But if you end up filling it you must ensure that you mentioned it correctly. It means your middle name must match the name written on your government identification card. The agent will perform some steps to go for the name change procedure.. When it comes to  delta change name on ticket  the agent will look into PNR to correct the name and incorporate an OSI message to advise that name correction on the ticket is completed

Before falling under any kind of complexion with the wrong name you must ensure that you avoid the differences in your name while comparing it with the name in government ID. In case of modifying delta wrong last name on the airline ticket you need to check Delta Name Change Policy as the airline generally allows you to add only three characters to the last name. The correction process will be the same as the middle name.

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If at times that you’ve mistakenly written the last name in place of the first name on your flight ticket and vice versa you can follow the delta airlines name change policy for the same. The reverse name process is similar to the above correction procedures only the OSI message will be different. But there is no such rule for whole name rectification. You need to cancel our initial flight and rebook it with proper information whenever you are booking.

How To Go with Delta Airlines Name Change Sky Mile?


You must know that delta changes name on flight ticket rules for skymiles allow you to apply a request for your name change by different methods. Firstly you need to change your full name due to marriage rewards or any other legal issues then you can request the name change online. For that you just need to log in to your skymiles account and then fill out the identity verification form along with supporting documents. Not just for the name change you can also connect the delta customer service team and request assistance for your travel concerns. You can find the offline help number on the official portal.

Does Delta Misspelled Name on Boarding Pass Matter When You Are Boarding?


As per Transportation Security Administration you cannot travel until your correct delta misspelled name on boarding pass and match it with your government issued ID proof including passport or driving license but it’s truly not a problem if you accidentally wrote the wrong middle or somehow missed writing. As per delta name change policy if your first and last name perfectly match those on your passport You can easily board the aircraft.

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What is The Delta Flight Name Change For International Flights?


If you’re heading on an international trip you might be stressed with the situation called delta wrong name on airline ticket. In this situation you just need to understand that you will get help from experts if you need to change more than 3 letters in your name or if your flight operators are under partner carriers like Virgin Australia, Air France and Korean Air.

What is Delta Airlines Name Change Policy For Domestic Flights?


You can get help for delta name correction on domestic flights if you’re boarding the tickets with 006 inventory annotation. Only some flights operating under delta will be considered for name change requests. Under the delta name change policy, only one reissue per passenger is permitted full

How to Get Going With Delta Airlines Change Ticket Name?


If you have made any error in your name while booking the flight you don’t have to worry because there are different ways to correct them. To correct the delta name correction on the flight ticket you have to firstly use the formal website. Here you have to fill in all the details & into the account. Now you can tap on manage my travel option and enter your delta ticket information and press the search button. It will take you to your delta airline ticket in which you will want to make a name change. You can now click on the ticket and open it. Or you have to tap on the icon placed on the upper right side of your screen and you will see the edit icon and you have to press it. Now you have to look for the option to change your name and type the name and Scroll down.

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You are likely to make rectifications through the official website but you can also do it via phone call. Here you need to contact the airline’s office by phone. Once you reach the agent they will ask you for important details regarding your reservation including your PNR or E-ticket number. Furthermore the agent will ask you about the reason for changing and other relevant information. The agent will proceed with the name printing process after you give all the details. You can either stay on the line until the name change request is completed or ask for a confirmation email

Besides delta name correction online  you can also change name at the airport kiosk. If you face any difficulty using the service you can get assistance from the airport officials. All you need to do is open the gadget and log in to your account with the airlines official website and fill in your E ticket number. Additionally you can open the trip details page and follow the directions to reach the change name option and rectify the name on the delta ticket. Lastly you can take a print of your new boarding pass. The device is quite simple to use and it saves you from the trouble of going through a long process. If the process gets really challenging you can call the customer service.

How To Change Middle Names On Delta Flights?


You can change your middle name on the delta flight ticket which can be reused when your details have been changed. To make the change it is important for you to abide by some terms and conditions you are allowed to have a passenger name record. You just need to add the OSI notice to the PNR for the name which has been changed. You just need to know that the use of waiver code is not important for the procedure

How do You Talk to a live Person for a Delta Name Change?

To speak with a representative about delta name change policy on a flight ticket or completely modify your name because of marriage or divorce. You might encounter difficulties in reaching the live agent because of lack of connectivity or passengers rushing through the network at the same time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

You can modify or change the name on the ticket with the help of delta airlines name change policy.

No, under the rules name change policy you cannot transfer the ticket to another person. But you can go for other options like cancel your ticket and rebook it in another person’s name.

Delta airlines name change policy provides you 3 methods for changing the name that is you can request the name correction on the ticket via the official website or phone call.

Delta name corrections changes made within 24 hours are generally free. But if you do it after 24 hours you have to pay anywhere between $75 to $500.

You don’t have to worry if you forgot to put your middle name on the delta ticket as long as your first name and last name align with your government ID.

Changing name is only allowed because of legal reasons like marriage and divorce.

It’s not an issue if your middle name is missing from your delta ticket. Your first name and last name must align with your documents for successful boarding.

You can just open the website click on skymiles and enter your number email pin and last name in the given field. You have to manage my account option and click on the edit button.

No delta airlines doesn’t allow you to change the passenger name on the ticket or even transfer it to someone else.

You just need to log into the delta airlines official website by entering the skymiles number or even username and password. You just need to ensure that the name on your skymiles account matches the name on your legal identification.

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