Southwest Airlines Name Change Policy

At times you might fill wrong initials on your ticket and create trouble for yourself. These mistakes can create inconvenience if you are not able to rectify it on time. Every airline provides a facility to make name corrections on tickets for easy boarding. Just like that Southwest Airlines also offers name change services that you can use for correcting the essential initials of your name. Southwest Airlines provides you convenience by preparing guidelines for a name change. You can smoothly correct or change the names by using the guidelines. Here you can check at the Southwest Airlines Name Change policy.

What is Southwest Airlines Name Change Policy?


You cannot change your name to transfer the ownership of tickets to another person. In such a case you can transmit a ticket by canceling your Southwest airline ticket and rebooking again. As per southwest airline name change policy you cannot change the name so you can correct only a few characters of your first, middle and last name. You are allowed to correct a name up to 4 characters. The four characters in total for first, middle and last names are only allowed. The name change is applicable only to legal circumstances like marriage or divorce your name must match your government issued identification card. You are allowed to change your name only once and you should provide proper documents to the airline for a legal name change. In case of any interline or code share agreement the name change request of the southwest flight segment will be permitted. Furthermore once the Southwest Airlines name change policy process is completed you need to select the seats again and you cannot swap the seats from the old to the new PNR.

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What are  Southwest Airline Name Change Corrections on Ticket?


The primary condition of the airline is flying with the correct name. If there are minor errors in your name then you can correct them under the Southwest Airlines name change policy. Making important rectifications in your name is a part of the name correction policy. The policy doesn’t allow you to change the complete name. You are not even allowed to add the name of another individual. But you are just authorized to change the name because of marriage or divorce. The airline permits you to change your name after marriage only if you submit the legal documents. It is important for you to know that in marriage or divorce you are just allowed to correct the last name. In the event of marriage you have to provide a marriage license, previous identity proof and existing identification proof. In case of divorce you need to submit the court orders and documents supporting a legal name change.

What Type of Southwest Changing Name on Ticket  is Accepted by The Airlines?


Southwest Airlines generally accepts a name change if you make an error when booking a flight. It allows the correction to be made. Furthermore the airlines also allows you to correct your name on a reservation if a legal change has occurred for example after your marriage or court ordered you to divorce.

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If There is a Misspelled Name on the Boarding Pass Does it Need to Match Your Passport?


You cannot travel with a SW misspelled name on your boarding pass. As per Transportation Security Administration terms and conditions your name on the boarding pass must match your government to avoid any future stress but if you have missed out middle name you don’t have to worry.

What are The Documents That You Need for Southwest Airlines Name Change Policy?


Generally airlines are prohibited from allowing you to change your name entirely. But there are some specific laws to the southwest named Jane because of marriage or divorce. If your legal documents are there the name change process for the wrong name on airline tickets will be really manageable. You just have to provide previous identification evidence and existing identification documents. For name change because of divorce you have to provide legal divorce orders by the court and previous identification evidence.

What are The Different Ways Southwest Airlines Name Change on Tickets?


You just have to use different methods for solving your misspelled errors on the tickets. Firstly you must know the airline provides you with contact information so that you can use it anytime. You can call the airlines and provide your 6 digit booking number. You also have to provide photocopies of legal documents or any other information that depicts our current identity when asked whether presentative. You can just add around 4 characters in total to your first middle and last name. If there are any fees alongside you have to pay the fare difference. After the name change on the boarding pass you will get a new confirmation next you need to complete the check in and seat select again.

You can also use the website to change the name on the ticket. If you want to use the method to rectify the name, you have to first click on the login icon. Now you have to fill in the confirmation number and last name.  You can click on the flight button and select the Flight button and manage reservations from the menu. You will get on the schedule reservation table where you will get an option to edit your name and enter all the information regarding the name change. You’ll just have to pay any fees if applicable and save all the information.

The compliant page is actually the unique feature of the Southwest Airlines name change policy. You have to visit the contact us page on the airlines website and provide the email us option. Then you have to fill the form with the important details like flight particulars and upload relevant documents in support of the name change . Lastly you have to wait for the response that you might receive on your e-mail ID.

How Can You Make The Most of Name Change for Southwest Rapid Rewards?


Southwest does not charge for minor name corrections. But you do not have to underestimate the possibility of name errors. You should always try to book your flight yourself as name errors can be prevented when you fill out the information. Furthermore you just need to ensure that the name to enter while you’re booking exactly is the same as your government issued ID. Even when you are confident with the filled information there is always a potential of making a mistake so always double check the information. You have to ensure that you check once before you submit the details and you should not forget to review your flight confirmation mail in case if you find any error you have to make changes.

 How Can You Transfer Southwest Airlines Name Change to Another Person?


One of the biggest airlines in the US , Southwest, offers easy to understand flight names and cancellation policies. But it has rigid policies when it comes to transferring your ticket to another person. But there are some alternatives available to you. One of the best options is to cancel your reservation and make a completely new booking in the name of another traveler. You have to visit the official website and log in to your managed to book account. Here you have to enter your confirmation number along with your name and select a flight from the reservation list that you would like to cancel. Now you can tap on the cancel option and pay the ticket cancellation fees if required. The airline will ask you to select the refund method and you can request a refund by just tapping on the refund methods option Southwest will convert the amount of your fare cash refunds or travel refunds that you use for future travels.

What are The Airline’s Name Change Charges?


The name change fees will depend on the situation under which the request is initiated. If you have started the name correction on the ticket request within 24 hours then you do not have to pay any name change fees. But if you have received the name correction 24 hours after your booking then you have to pay Anywhere between $80 to $200. The fee amount will be calculated depending on the change and the time left for boarding the flight. For the sake of pleasurable travel all the misspelled names should be flexible and fixed. But if you wish to change your complete name the above mentioned policy is futile. You have to cancel your existing ticket and rebook it in compliance with southwest change name change policy in the context of full name change.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are three methods for changing your name on the Southwest ticket where you have to firstly call the airline official. You can use the official portal and the compliant page.

Yes you can apply for a name change after marriage and to change the name you should submit a legal document like a marriage certificate.

You can request a change in the initials of your name when you have made any spelling errors while booking your ticket with southwest airlines.

If you request a name correction within just 24 hours of booking there will be no charges. But if you apply for a name change after 24 hours you have to pay anywhere between 80 to $200.

You can visit the official portal and by logging into the account you can request for a name change.

Yes you can change your name on the Southwest Airlines ticket after divorce but you have to submit the divorce decree for supporting the name change.

You cannot fly with the wrong name as per the southwest names change policy it is illegal and also unauthorized to fly with the incorrect name.

If your name is spelt wrong on the boarding pass you can always connect with customer support representative

Yes you can perfectly manage spelling mistakes on the boarding pass and southwest name change policy allows you to make small name corrections easily.

You must know that your first and last name should match to the passport and rectifying last name errors is really important to avoid any travel stress. You can contact the airline via the official portal and provide the required documents for support.

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