United Airlines Baggage Policy

The United Airlines baggage policy offers you a basic allowance for both checked bags and the carry-on the airline charges is a completely hefty price for overweight and oversize bags just like other major carriers. It is very important for you to know that the economy class is segregated into basic economy and fuel economy where the carry on baggage allowance varies with the ticket.

What Do You Need To Know About United Airlines Baggage Policy ?


According to United baggage weight policy the airline allows one personal item and one standard carry-on baggage for free. The carry-on bag and standard economies are completely free. If you are taking carry on bags in basic economy then you need to know that they are included in flights within the United States full carry on bags are included in tickets for South America and trans Pacific flights. If you bring a standard carry on bag you will be checked in and it is subjected to United Airlines baggage fees if you are a basic economy problem.

It is important for you to learn about united baggage policy So that you have a complete idea about the size consideration. The size of your personal item must be within 17x10x9 inches. For carry-on bags the dimensions of your hand luggage should not go beyond 22x14x9 inches. Besides standard luggage allowance the airline allows one diaper bag, a breast pump and a government approved child seat for lap infants.

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What Are The Guidelines For Carrying Strollers?


According to United Airlines carry on weight limit policy the airline allows one car seat and one stroller per child at no cost. You need to know that any stroller that is non collapsible larger or non folding must be checked in full here united airlines baggage weight limit is applicable but there is no fees applicable as such. Furthermore car seats are allowed in all the touches of services as long as they are approved by Faa and have a certification sticker attached to them. The car seats are restricted by the size of your seat. You can check the seat map of your flight if you want to see if your car seat will fit or not according to United Airlines check in baggage size and considerations. If you are carrying a collapsible crib it must be checked at the ticket counter

What is United Airlines’ Checked Bag Weight Policy For Fragile and Valuable Items?


It is very important for you to carry some items in your hand luggage like artifacts and antiques. Business equipment samples cameras and other photography equipment China glass collectibles computer hardware software electronics flower and plants glasses contacts and other vision devices jewelry money gift cards and gift certificates perishable items precious metals religious items and silverware. According to check-in baggage size United airline policy all the checked bags must align to the weight limit of 50 lbs or 23 KGS for all economic cabins. At the weight limit for premium cabins is around 32 KG’s full the maximum dimension of your checked bag can be 62 inches or 157 centimeters including handles and wheels according to united check in baggage weight rules and regulations.

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What is The United Airlines Checked Baggage  Weight Limit?


The maximum weight of the checked baggage will depend on the ticket type and the mileage plus status. If you are going for a united economy or premium economy then the maximum weight you can carry is around 23 KGS. While if you are traveling by united first or united business then you can carry 32 KGS. It is the same for even United Polaris business class according to United Airlines baggage rules international. On the flip side if you are a mileage plus member then for premium silver and premium gold you can carry 23 kilograms per bag. If you are a premium platinum member or premier 1K member then you can carry 32 KGs of weight according to United Airlines baggage allowance.

What is United Airlines’ Check in Baggage Fees?


When it comes to understanding the fees for weight limit for baggage on united airlines you just need to visit the official portal. If you are traveling anywhere between Europe India US Middle East from or to US then for economy premium economy business class and 1st plus the first bag is free and second bag is also free but you have to pay $200.00 each for more than three banks.

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If you are traveling from the US to South America or vice versa you can get the first bag free but you can add three more bags at $150 each. It is applicable for all the classes and can check the united airline domestic baggage weight policy to learn more about it.

What is United Airlines Baggage Policy for Economy Class?


According to United baggage policy weight the airlines allows personal items for basic economy passengers which includes one shoulder bag, one backpack or laptop that fits under the seat. The carry-on bags are not included unless you are flying to or from South America. For all other routes according to United baggage policy it will be considered as checked baggage and be subject to United Airlines baggage fees of 25 USD per article. You must know that only one checked bag is permitted if you’re flying across the Pacific route

What Does United Airlines Carry on Weight Limit for Mileage Plus Members?


You need to know that United Airlines baggage weight limit for mileage plus members will depend on different classes. For all premier cabin travel you can get 3 bags allowance or 32 KG each. For economy travel between the US and South America Asia Australia New Zealand Europe Middle East and Africa you can get 2 bags or 32 KG each for premier silver members. If you fall in the category of premier gold, premier platinum and premier 1K then you can get 3 bags or 32 KG each. If you are going for economic travel between US and continental US Alaska Mexico Hawaii Canada Caribbean and Central America then for premier silver you can just get one bag or 32 KG. At the same time if you are a premier gold member you can get 2 bags or 32 KG each. Lastly if you are a premier platinum or a premier 1K member then you can get 3 bags allowance or 32 KG each.

What is United Airlines’ Check-in Baggage For Military Personnel?


According to United Airlines checked bag weight  policy active U.S. military members can check up to five checked bags for free. This is only applicable if you’re traveling on official duty but if you’re traveling for personal reasons then U.S. military members are allowed to carry three check bags for free. The US military personnel members generally include U.S. Army U.S. Navy US Air Force U.S. Marines US space force and merchant marine Academy and postcard Academy.

What is the Oversized Check in Baggage Size United Airline Policy?


If your check luggage is oversized or overweight, excess baggage fees might be applicable. But the airline does not accept oversize or overweight bags for some destinations according to the United check in baggage weight policy. United Airlines does not accept any bags which measure more than 292cm. Overweight bags weighing more than 45 KG are not acceptable according to United Airlines checked baggage rules and regulations. The exception for oversized or overweight luggage will apply to musical instruments and other assistive devices. You must know that the airline accepts musical instruments of no more than 165 lbs.

What are United Airlines Baggage Rules International For Connecting Flights?


You need to go to the United Airlines baggage allowance if you have a connection or a layover. If the layover includes an overnight stay or if the new connecting flight departs after 12 hours or even more. Passengers who are traveling on international flights and the connecting flight is within the destination country have to connect with the claim desk  experts. It is very important for you to understand United Airlines’ check in baggage policy for stress free travel.

Frequently Asked Questions

 The United airlines limit to the checked baggage weight is around 23 KG for economy class and 32 KG to the business class.

The airline does not charge any fees for the carry on as it is included in the ticket price. The only exception to the carry on bag applies to the basic economy fare where the carry on bag is considered as checked luggage.

The dimensions of the check baggage must be within 62 inches including the handles and the wheels stop. You need to know that the size remains the same for all the classes of service ticket type and mileage plus membership status.

The baggage limit in terms of weight remains around 23 KG for economy flights and 32 KG for business Polaris and 1st class tickets.

Yes, United Airlines offers an online tracking feature on its official website. You can check the status of your checked luggage through it. To track the bags online you just need to enter your last name and the booking reference in the required field.

United Airlines allows passengers to bring one carry-on bag and one personal item for free, except for Basic Economy passengers on certain routes who are limited to a personal item only. The carry-on bag must fit in the overhead bin and not exceed 22 x 14 x 9 inches (56 x 35 x 22 cm), including handles and wheels. Personal items, such as a purse, laptop bag, or small backpack, must fit under the seat in front of you and not exceed 9 x 10 x 17 inches (22 x 25 x 43 cm).

Yes, United Airlines charges fees for checked baggage, which vary based on your route, fare class, and MileagePlus status. For domestic flights within the U.S., the fees are typically:


First checked bag: $35

Second checked bag: $45

For international flights, the fees and baggage allowances vary by destination. It’s advisable to check United Airlines’ baggage policy for specific fee details based on your itinerary.

Yes, United Airlines allows passengers to check sports equipment, but fees and size/weight restrictions apply. Common sports equipment like golf bags, skis, and bicycles can be checked, but must adhere to the standard checked baggage size limit of 62 linear inches. Fees for checking sports equipment vary based on the type of equipment and the route. It’s best to check United Airlines’ sports equipment policy for detailed information.

Musical instruments can be carried on, checked, or transported as cargo, depending on their size. Small instruments, such as violins or guitars, can be carried on if they fit in the overhead bin or under the seat. Larger instruments must be checked and adhere to the standard checked baggage size and weight limits. Fees apply based on the size and weight of the instrument. For oversized or overweight instruments, additional fees will be charged.

Yes, United Airlines provides special baggage allowances for active-duty U.S. military personnel and their dependents. Active-duty military members traveling on orders can check up to five bags for free, and those traveling for personal reasons can check up to three bags for free. Each bag must weigh 32 kg (70 lbs) or less and meet standard size requirements. Military dependents traveling on orders are also eligible for these allowances.

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