United Airlines Name Change Policy

United Airlines allows you to board the flight only if your name on the ticket and photo ID is the same. So if you have accidentally written wrong essentials of your name you need to know how to correct it before the flight if there are any name differences you can rectify them as per United Airlines Name Change Policy.

What is the Name Change United Airlines Policy?


Before requesting for correcting United Airlines wrong names on airline tickets it is very important for you to understand what it is all about. It means you cannot change the complete name or any part of your name on the airline ticket. In case of codeshare and interline United Airlines name correction requests will be honored on the portion of the route. The ticket inventory must start with the number 016. You will be allowed only one reissue per ticket when doing a name correction on United’s ticket. If you are asking for additional changes in your United Airlines ticket then those edits will be considered as the name change. So such additions will be subject to the name change policy of the airlines. As per that there will be an increase in the ticket price. As per the name change policy of the airline no modification can be done to the flight date fare classes and fair based code under any circumstances. You can be only allowed to make minor edits to the name and that must match your government ID card. With the request for the name change on the boarding pass you cannot amend the date of birth and gender. Your date of birth and name would be subject to the name change policy of the airline. Good job you can make minor changes to the mistake in that date of birth only when you are committed while making the reservation. Under airlines name change policy you can just make one correction per reservation. If you want to make any further images you have to complete the formalities.

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What are The Different Types of United Airlines Changing Ticket Names?


When you commit an error while reserving a ticket with United Airlines name change policy allows you to get rid of the trouble. There are three categories under which you can rectify your misspelled name.

When you incorrect your name on the ticket the standard procedure will be to correct the name as per the policy simple mistakes or reservation ticket do not require the stress of documentation. Here your mistakes are limited to spelling errors or just a few letter mistakes. You can correct a typo error in the spelling of the name. For example you can change the first name Charli to Charlie and the last name to Matthew. Making and modification in the name on the reservation two or from a nickname. You can also rectify the prefix or title on the ticket. Furthermore you can modify the middle name on the boarding parts.

Major changes in United Airlines reservation often happen in the event of your divorce or marriage where you have to show some disclosure documents. The changes are major in comparison to the simple ones. You need to know that the changes often happen in the event of marriage or divorce where you must disclose documents supporting your request. In case of rewards you need to present the papers outlining your separation settlement. In the event of marriage you need to show a legal document supporting your name change. If you have changed your full name you need to show a government issued document which includes old and new information.

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It might happen that you don’t have the legal documents to support your name change in such a case the policy allows you to change the name by showing the affidavit with an alternative name. It means that you can replace the name on your ticket with the help of an affidavit. With the help of an affidavit you can also generate a photo ID copy. If your wrong name condition doesn’t fall in any of these categories you need to check out how you can cancel the flight and rebook.

  • How to change the name on the ticket under United Airlines name correction policy?
  • When it comes to changing names on a United airline ticket  you can use your convenience while applying for a change of name. You can request an intern on the boarding pass via affidavit when you don’t have legal documents to show to the concerned body you just need to submit the affidavit. You just need to have a copy of an affidavit if you apply for a name change through this method. Besides this you have to email the notarized documents to the address mentioned on the web portal.
  • At times if you want to modify the name on an urgent basis in such cases the facility of calling the officials is the most suitable one. You can facilitate the United airlines name correction on the ticket via call. The representative will collect your personal information and then they will apply the necessary changes to your name as per the information provided.
  • If you want to take in person assistance for changing your name you can visit the airport. The United Airlines assistant can help you. You can tell them the problem you are facing while changing the name. The representative will tell you about the name change process as per the policy you just have to follow the procedure and change your name.

What is United Airlines Name Change Policy For Mileage Members?


The change name on the United flight ticket for mileage members is completely simple. You don’t have to provide any supporting documents. You have to comply with the TSA secure flight program. The name on your mileage plus account should match the name on your government issued ID as per the policy you have to update some details like you need to upload the required supporting documentation. The processing time for the name change is around 2 weeks and any future modifications should be requested by contacting the service center.

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How Can You Request a Name Change on Your Mileage Plus Account?


You can easily request for United’s simple name change All correction without any supporting documentation through mileage plus account profile or by just calling the United airlines customer care center. For major name change correction on a united ticket you just need to upload a copy of your supporting documentation to your mileage plus account and mail your name affidavit to the given address.

What to do When You Discover United Airlines Misspelled Name on Boarding Pass at The Airport?


When it comes to changing flights on United you need to immediately inform the United airlines customer service team or gate agents about the misspelled name on the boarding pass. They are trained experts to handle all such situations and also help you in resolving them effectively. You should be prepared to show official identification documents like a valid passport or any other government issued ID that reflects the correct spelling of your name. Whenever interacting with airline staff members you need to keep your composure and be courteous. You should always keep in mind that they are always there to help you and keep a cooperative attitude as this can increase the likelihood of quick resolution.

Can you Correct The United Airlines Misspelled Name on the Boarding Pass Online?


Yes it is surely possible to correct the United airlines misspelled name on the boarding pass using the online method. You can just visit the website there is a self-serve option called manage reservations after logging into your account. You have to enter the booking confirmation number and last name to access the account. Furthermore you have to look for the option to edit your booking details. If the next step allows you to correct your United Airlines name on the ticket you have to follow the instructions. You have to save all the changes and wait for the confirmation from the airline.

How Can You Reduce United Airlines’ Cost to Change Name on Ticket?


One of the most significant ways to reduce the United airlines cost to change name on ticket is that you have to act quickly. As soon as you realize that there is a name error on your ticket you have to contact the customer service. Furthermore, acting promptly in name doesn’t make any sense without a thorough understanding of the fair laws. You should know the fare rules based on the flight ticket. By understanding it you can make informed decisions for correcting United Airlines misspelled names on tickets and potentially find ways to reduce the United name change fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are different ways of changing the name on a United Airlines flight ticket. You just have to change the name via affidavit phone call or airport visit.

By visiting the official portal you can navigate the option to manage booking or dialing the customer service number. You can change your name on a ticket due to legal reasons like marriage or divorce.

Changing a traveler’s name on a ticket is generally not applicable by United Airlines. But you can change your name due to legal or major reasons for submitting supporting documents.

No, adding a middle name on the United airlines ticket is not mandatory. But if you want to add a middle name to your reservation then it’s completely your choice.

Yes you can change your legal name on the United airlines ticket by providing valid proof online via the website.

Yes you can correct your misspelled name on the ticket with the help of customer care service. By just dialing the customer care number of the airline you will connect to the representative who will help you with the process

The united name change fee will depend on different factors. If you apply for the name change within 24 hours of the booking you have to pay $75. For any rectifications made after 24 hours or up to two hours before the departure you have to pay $200.

Yes, United Airlines allows name changes for international flight tickets. But the specific rules and restrictions might vary depending on the fare type and ticket conditions. It is important for you to contact United Airlines customer service for detailed information.

Yes the airline allows you to make changes on your ticket. Minor name corrections including changing the spelling of your name is easy but a major name change is required through different documents.

To process United Airlines change names on plane tickets you can call the customer service team and you can get the number from the official portal.

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