Delta Airlines Baggage Policy

Delta airlines baggage policy includes one to two bags in your ticket depending on the class of service you choose. Delta airlines baggage policy charges a pretty reasonable fee for checking bags on usa and canada or mexico flights and the allowance is complimentary for select routes for domestic flights but you need to be mindful about carrying excessive baggage because delta airlines charges are extra fees for excessive baggage this makes it important to go through its vital points of the airline’s baggage policy.

What Are The Key Takeaways of The Baggage Policy Delta Airlines?


Firstly you need to know that there is no free checked baggage allowance for basic economy fare economy passengers on international flights get one free checked baggage it is understandable that sometimes dealing with baggage can be a bit of an uphill task.

What is The International Flights Delta Airlines Baggage Policy?


According to delta checked baggage policy you are allowed for a maximum baggage weight of 50 lbs for economy class and 70 lbs for business class 1st class and d1 with a combined linear dimensions of around 62 inches as per delta airlines checked policy.

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If you are flying with economy fare no free check baggage allowance is permitted. Furthermore if you are delta baggage allowance international customer economy class then you can fly internationally and get one free checked baggage. The d1 premium select or first class members like you get 2 free checked baggage. It is applicable to both domestic and international travel.

What is The Weight Limit For Delta Airline Baggage Rules?


  • According to delta checked bag policy if you are an economic class each checked bag should not go beyond 50 lbs or 23 kilograms. If you are an elite member that is a passenger of d1 premium select or first class cabin you can get around 70 lbs or 32 kilograms for every bag. If you are a delta medallion elite status traveler you can get 70 lb limit without extra charges
  • You can bring around 10 bags if you’re willing to pay for excess baggage according to delta international baggage weight policy. According to delta connection flights policy you can have up to four checked bags.
  • Furthermore as per delta airlines baggage policy the total linear dimensions of your checked baggage should not go beyond 158 centimeters or 62 inches.
  • Your first checked baggage goes free if you are delta skymiles medallion member or delta skymiles american express card member but if you are traveling to or from key west fl you are allowed to get only one checked bag and there is no excess baggage allowed.

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What is Delta Business Class Baggage Rule Policy?


  • Delta airlines baggage policy includes one to two bags in your ticket depending on the class of service. You must know that according to  delta airlines carry on baggage weight policy that one standard carry-on item is allowed that should be around 56x35x23 centimeters. Additionally you can have one personal item like a purse, laptop bag, camera bag or briefcase.
  • You just need to keep in mind that some airports have specific rules other than delta in line and for shanghai pudong international airport you have to ensure that the weight limit is around 10 kg’s and for beijing capital international it is around 10 kg’s.
  • What is delta airlines rules for baggage fees within us?
  • If you’re traveling within us then for delta medallion silver club members you have to pay 30 usd dollars for your first basic baggage check for economy, main cabin and comfort and for second check in you have to pay around $40. At the same time if you are going for premium select first class and it’s all included.

What Are The Exceptions To Delta Baggage Allowance?


If you’re traveling between the United states and canada to panama tocumen international airport you won’t have to pay fees for your first checked baggage. For flights to and from Mexico extra baggage is not permitted according to baggage limit delta airlines policy.

What is The Delta Baggage Fee For International Flights?


According to delta airline international baggage the weight limit is around £50 for international travel for d1 medallion members and 1st class passengers the weight allowance for every baggage is around 70 lbs.

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How Do You Pay For The Delta Baggage Fee?


According to Delta check in baggage policy, thank you so much you can have the option to pay for your luggage in advance and you can do this online starting 24 hours before your flight. All you need to do is visit the official portal & into your account. You can also download the fly delta app and login. But by just doing this you can take care of the baggage fees before you head to the delta airlines check-in counter at the airport.

What Are Excess Delta Airlines Baggage Policy?


If you’re traveling within the United states including places like the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico and your checked baggage goes beyond the required delta baggage allowance you have to pay 100 usd for baggage weight anywhere between 51 to 70. Furthermore, for 71 to 100 kgs, you have to pay $200 and for more than 100 kg your baggage will not be allowed.

According to baggage policy delta airlines you must be mindful of the oversized baggage. If your baggage dimensions are anywhere between 63 to 80 inches you have to pay excess baggage around $200.00 and if it is above 80 centimeters it is not allowed.

What is International Flights Delta Baggage For Military Personnels?


According to delta checked baggage policy you must be currently serving in the United states marine corps army air force navy or coast guard no matter what your reason of travel you have to pay the same baggage fee as above. For military orders you can get five free checked baggage which is around £100 per bag and it is for all the classes including economy premium and 1st class. You must know that according to delta airline baggage rules  the checked baggage must not exceed up to 80 inches in combined length, width and height. For personal travel the size must be within 62 linear inches

What is The Delta Checked Bag Policy For Special Items?


According to delta international baggage weight policy if you are planning to check special items including sports equipment, musical instruments or just medical supplies ensure that you check the delta package fees for those items. The best part is that plenty of special items won’t cost you extra. You just need to pay for regular check baggage. For example, items including your ski and snowboard equipment usually fall under the regular checked bag fee.

How To Get a Complimentary Baggage Allowance With Delta Airlines?


According to the delta business class baggage rule you have to be an existing elite passenger were silver gold and platinum medallion members. You can enjoy a privilege of wave checked bag fees like silver members get free one checked baggage gold members get 2 free checked baggage and if you’re a platinum diamond member you can get three free checked baggage. On the top of that 8 companions on your reservations can also benefit from your elite baggage allowances or operated flights.

According to delta airlines carry on baggage weight policy you can also get a delta affiliated credit card as it offers you one or two free checked baggage allowance when flying delta like delta skymiles gold platinum reserve american express card.

Frequently Asked Questions

The personal items that you are allowed to carry on board includes a purse, a briefcase , a handbag or camera bags including diapers for infants laptops.

No delta Airlines does not charge for carry-on baggage. I’m going you’re allowed to take a minimum of 1 carry-on baggage.

The first checked baggage is at $30.00 the 2nd baggage is at $40 and the third baggage is at $150.00 and the 4th one is at $200.

You can carry one carry-on baggage , 1 personal item and around 4 checked-in baggage which has to be paid for while traveling in delta airlines.

You can carry one carry-on baggage and one personal item absolutely for free while you are taking a flight with delta airlines. Any checked-in baggage will have to be paid for if you wish to take it in the aircraft.

If your baggage weighs more than £50 it would be counted as extra baggage and you have to pay a small amount for the same.

Yes, Delta Airlines follows the TSA’s 3-1-1 rule for liquids in carry-on baggage. This means you can carry liquids, gels, aerosols, creams, and pastes in containers of 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) or less, placed in a single, clear, quart-sized zip-top bag. Each passenger is allowed one quart-sized bag of liquids. Exceptions are made for medications, baby formula, and food, which must be declared and screened separately.

Yes, Delta Airlines allows passengers to bring sports equipment as checked baggage, but specific size and weight restrictions apply, and additional fees may be charged. For example, golf bags, skis, snowboards, and bicycles can be checked, but they must meet Delta’s size and weight requirements. Fees vary depending on the type of equipment and the destination. It’s advisable to check Delta’s sports equipment policy and fees before traveling.

Yes, Delta Airlines provides special baggage allowances for active-duty U.S. military personnel and their dependents. Active-duty military members traveling on orders can check up to five bags for free, while those traveling for personal reasons can check up to two bags for free. Each bag must weigh 50 pounds or less and meet standard size requirements. Military dependents traveling on orders are also eligible for these allowances.

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