United Airlines Date Change Policy

Plans take a lot of time to execute but it only takes a few minutes to get changed when it comes to flight change because of some unexpected passenger going through a hefty process. But you don’t have to worry with United Airlines Date Change Policy as the airline ensures that they take care of you and provide you a seamless change policy. The policy is least stressful as compared to other airlines. If you want to implement any last minute changes to your ticket you should just go through the page here.

Why Did United Airlines Change its Flight Date Policy?


According to United’s change flight date policy you can change or reschedule your flight when something unexpected happens. It results in the modification or rescheduling. The United change fees will vary according to your fare type features if your new flight is more expensive than the original one you pay the difference in fare.


What Are The United Airline Change Date Policy Guidelines?


Before you go to United Airlines to change flight date it’s very important for you to understand the guidelines. You can change your flight ticket without paying any fee within 24 hours of purchase. You do not have to pay any flight change fee if your travel itinerary includes travel within the USA and Canada but this condition is not applicable to your basic pair. The travel credit truly remains valid only for one year from now. You can change the flight as many times as you want as long as you pay a fare difference every time. You should not book a new flight if you think your plans are hazy instead you must use your travel credit. According to the changed flight date united Airlines  policy you will get future credit for the difference if the new flight is less expensive. If you travel on an award ticket for an economy class or premium economy ticket there will be no united change provided the flight must originate from the USA. There will be no standby fees if you go for an earlier flight on the same day. If you are members of the mileage first then you can reserve a flight seat on an earlier flight for free. If the travel credit has been given on the flight booked through a travel agency then you have to use the credit through the agency only. The flight chain charges are applicable to you if you have booked group flights with the airlines group desk. If you have written the incorrect alphabet in your ticket then you can change your name as per united airline change date fee policy.


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What is The 24 Hours United Airlines Date Change Policy?


Under the united airlines change flight date policy you can change the time origin or destination and travel date. The flight ticket you want to change must be operated by United Airlines only. There will be no united change fee if you have requested for changes within 24 hours of your purchase. But the fare difference would be applicable. The conditions will not apply to your basic economy tickets.


What Do You Need to Know About United Changing Flight Dates For Different Fares?


  • According to United Airlines’ change date policy the airlines is a global route network making it one of the best airlines in the world. So the air transport industry has several ravishing services for frequent and new passengers. There are three basic fares offered which includes basic economy fare, non refundable fare and the refundable fare. The United Airlines flight change policy is different for all fares and mileage plus award tickets.
  • If you have basic economy tickets then you cannot change your flight even within 24 hours after booking. The best way out here is to just cancel your flight within 24 hours of booking and then purchase a new ticket as per United Airlines change flight date policy. Alternatively you can go for E credits under the United airlines change fee of around $50 per one way domestic flight and for international flights you have to pay 99.5 dollars.
  • As per the latest change flight date united Airlines policy you can change your non refundable tickets without bearing any charges. But paying the fare difference is inescapable under changing flight policy for existing flights. For general and silver tyre members you have to pay $75. And it is free of cost if you are gold platinum or 1K member for
  • There is no united fee for rescheduling your flights if you have refundable tickets. But if you’re shifting to a costlier ticket then you have to pay the fees as per the law. Additionally if your new flight is cheaper than before the airline will either be refunded the fare difference or to your original mode of payment or might convert it into E credits for forthcoming use. Even the refund and E credits plausibility completely depends on your eligibility according to united airline change date fee policy.
  • For award tickets you might be subject to charges depending on the time you revoke and your elite status. The United change fee has now been eliminated for travels which are originating in the US within 30 days of the flight departure. But the United airlines change fee for international award tickets is around $125.00 for general members $100 for premium silver members and $75.00 for premium gold members. If you’re a premier platinum member then you have to just pay $50. At the same time if you are a premier 1K member then you do not have to pay anything.

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How to Change United Flights?


  • According to United Airlines Date Change Policy  you have different methods to modify your ticket. You can either go for an online or offline method. Generally you can make the changes to your air ticket when there are any changes in your plan.

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  • The online method is the most reliable way of making changes to your flight reservation. Through this method you can just modify your flight ticket anywhere and anytime. You just need a reliable internet connection to open your official website. Firstly you have to put your 6 digit reservation number and your last name. Now you need to click on the option to confirm and choose the flight that you would want to change. You have to now press the continue option and ensure that you finish the flight change process one hour before the scheduled departure time. Lastly you can make the payments within a debit or a credit card whenever the pay difference is huge.
  • You can also change United Airlines change flight date by contacting the airlines directly. You just have to contact the airline through a valid customer number. Firstly you have to connect the airline and when you get connected you have to talk to the airline representative and ask them to change your flight. Now you have to choose a new flight displayed on your screen by the agent and you can select one of the alternatives. You just need to compare the United change flight date fare difference. Furthermore you can use debit and credit cards for making payments. The United change flight process will end once your payment is successful. Later on, you can receive an email about the change confirmation.
  • If the above 2 methods have failed you then you can always use the third one that is you need to visit your departing airport. You can request a United airline change date and you must finish the process one hour before the scheduled departure for domestic travel. In foreign travel the process must be completed at least three hours before the scheduled departure. Firstly you have to reach the airport and go to the registration desk of the United airlines and then you have to provide your 6 digit number code or 13 digit E ticket number. Now you can ask for a change reservation and keep a close eye on the flight change policy which is linked to your ticket. The agent will ask you to choose a second flight from the available alternatives to United Airlines to change flight date. Furthermore if the fair difference is more you can use a debit or credit card for payment at the airport terminal you can also have the option to pay cash. Lastly the process will get completed after the successful payment for change flight date united airlines. So according to United Airlines’ change date fee policy you have to pay the fare difference for your new flight.

Frequently Asked Questions

The airline offers plenty of methods to change your flight ticket. You can use your official portal or call on the customer service number.

Yes you can adjust your travel time free of cost if you pay the ticket difference. Next time, what are the fees for a United same day flight? Next slide if you are a premier silver or platinum member you do not need to pay the additional cost. But if you’re a non elite passenger you have to pay $75.

As for the United change flight rules you can modify the flight arrival or departure time or add or remove routes.

Yes you can visit the official portal and follow the onscreen instructions to make important changes.

You have to pay 49 points $5 for one way domestic flight and 99.5 dollars for one way international tickets in case of basic economy fare. If you have refundable and award tickets it is anywhere between $100 and $60.00 each way.

Yes you can change the travel time date origin and destination within 24 hours of purchase.

You have two options, which is calling the agent or chatting with them. You can find the numbers by visiting United Airlines’ official website.

United change flight policy doesn’t allow basic economy tickets for any modification but you can call the airline to learn more about it.

For a free United change flight when requested to change the flight within 24 hours of booking.

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