Southwest Airlines Baggage Policy

According to Southwest Airlines Baggage Policy you can bring 2 checked baggage of less than 50 lbs each for free at any fare type and there are no hidden charges and you can also add extra baggage of $75 each. Southwest airlines also allows you to bring one carry-on bag and one personal item and you do not have to pay any extra fees also. There are some baggage rules and restrictions that make it important to understand the baggage policy completely.

What is Allowed in Southwest Airlines Baggage Regulations?


Ideally southwest baggage allowed policy is simple. It allows you to check one personal item and one carry-on item free of charge but it might be subject to size and even weight restrictions.

What is Southwest Baggage Policy For Size and Weight Limits?


  • You can bring one personal item like a purse, briefcase , camera , food container or laptop with a maximum size of around 18.5 inches in length 8.5 inches in width and 13.5 inches in height according to Southwest carry-on weight limits.
  • It is very important for you to know tha  Southwest airlines baggage carry on does not consider some things as carry-on or personal belongings like mobility aids for passengers with disabilities child restrained system outer clothing or variable clothing autumns and food in disposable containers or canes for walking and umbrellas.
  • The dimensions of the hand luggage must be within 24x16x10 inches. It should be able to fit in your overhead cabin. As per the Southwest Airlines baggage policy you must check in any carry-on item larger than the allowed dimensions. After the flight you can pick it up at the baggage claim area. But you can check strollers’ massive equipment at the jet bridge.

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Does Southwest Checked Baggage Policy Allow Carry on?


Yes you can carry one on bag and one personal item with Southwest Airlines at no additional cost with no hidden charges. You just need to remember that the bag must fit in the overhead compartment and your personal item must fit under the seat according to baggage weight limit for Southwest  policy.

Can You Have a Backpack and Carry on According to Southwest Check in Baggage Rules?


You can carry backpacks as a carry-on at no extra charge or you can also bring a small suitcase as a carry-on if your suitcase qualifies as a carry-on and can fit in the overhead compartment. According to the policy it might not be held in check baggage.

What Do You Need to Know About Southwest Rules for Checked Bags?


According to Southwest Airlines baggage weigh policy two checked bags for free are allowed but they must be under 50 lbs and also align to the Southwest Airlines baggage rules regarding dimensions for the Southwest Airlines checked baggage size is around 62 linear inches or 157 centimeters per bag weight limit on the checked bags is around 23 KG. You need to know that you have to fulfill all the above mentioned requirements failing which will result in cancellation.

How Do You Check Bags For Southwest International Flights?


If you are traveling international you cannot check your luggage at the curbside you have to go to the ticket counter it is vital for you to check your luggage 60 minutes before your departure. If you don’t fulfill the requirements given here you will not be allowed to board your flight. If you are likely to take extra baggage then you need to pay baggage fees on Southwest Airlines.

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What is The Excess Baggage Policy for Southwest?


According to Southwest checked baggage policy anything exceeding your free SW baggage allowance for two bags is counted as excess baggage. But the total length, width and weight of your excess baggage should not go beyond 62 linear inches 1023 KG’s.

How Much is Extra Baggage With Southwest Airlines Baggage Policy?


For every extra bag you bring, Southwest airlines baggage regulations suggest that you have to pay $75 back per way provided that the bags combined Southwest Airlines checked baggage dimensions and does not exceed 62 inches or way more than 23 KGs.

Besides understanding southwest baggage allowed you also need to know that Southwest Airlines charges a surcharge of $75.00 for overweight baggage for any bag weighing between 50 lbs. The airlines will transport baggage weighing more than 100 lbs or 46 KGS cargo. You need to know that according to Southwest baggage policy any suitcase ranging between 62 and 80 inches must be overweight baggage costing you $75. Southwest airline does not accept bags larger than 80 inches. If your standard bag goes beyond the size and weight limit you will only understand one fee of $75 provided that the weight does not go beyond 45 KGS. If the bags weigh more than 45 KGS it will be transported by cargo.

What is The Southwest Carry on Size Weight Limit For The Military?


According to Southwest carry on weight limits policy active duty military must receive an exemption from the two piece baggage limit and Southwest Airlines will not apply any oversized baggage charges to them. But the baggage limit should not go beyond 100 lbs in weight and 80 inches in size. As a military personnel you need to present a valid United States uniform service active due to identification card at the time of check in. In total a ticketed customer might not check more than 20 pieces of baggage per flight including military experts. The dependents of the military passenger are subjected to normal charges as per Southwest airlines baggage carry on rules and regulations.

Can you Bring Sports Equipment to Southwest Checked Baggage?


According to baggage weight limit for southwest the airlines allows you to bring sports equipment on A1 item for one bag basis according to the policy like as golf clubs bicycles and surfboards as a part of your regular checked baggage allowance subject to some size and weight restrictions stop additional baggage fees might be applicable if you’re sporting goods way more than 23 KGs and if the exterior combined dimensions exceed 62 inches

If you are planning to get non motorized bicycles or golf carts it must be transported in a sturdy carrying case according to  southwest check in baggage rules. If you plan to get baseball and softball gear then it must contain a single bag with four bats, a helmet , a pair of uniform cheats, a uniform club and two pairs of gloves.

For archery equipment it must consist of 1 bow, one set of arrows and one medium sized target. Larger targets are not acceptable by the airlines. For rod and fishing tackle boxes the container cannot be longer than 91 inches or have a diameter larger than three inches. Hockey sticks are also allowed but you need to have two bags, one bag containing a bag for the hockey equipment and another containing the sticks will count as one item if used in place of southwest free checked baggage even if they are packed or taped individually according to southwest rules for checked bags. For skateboarding you can use it as a check or a carry on bag and for skiing equipment only one pair of skis or snowboards in a container approved by Southwest Airlines can be approved.

Can you Bring Musical Instruments According to Southwest Airlines Baggage Weight Policy?


Southwest airlines allows musical instruments as carry-on or checked baggage as long as they align with the size and weight restrictions. If they don’t align with the restrictions then you have to pay extra baggage fees on Southwest Airlines. You need to ensure that the baggage fits in the overhead bin or under the seat and must meet the airlines baggage requirements for carry on size the airlines recommends that the instruments be properly packaged and cushioned and you can bring your musical instrument inside the cabin by purchasing a seat for it if it cannot fit in the overhead compartment. Besides one item of your free checked luggage the airline also lets you check one musical instrument

How Can You Delayed Baggage Policy for Southwest


Firstly you need to inform the airline’s baggage service and person according to Southwest checked baggage policy. A baggage service expert will compile a report and provide you a receipt and you will get regular updates on the whereabouts of your luggage. To check on the status you can also call Southwest Airlines. You will have to follow up with the delayed or damaged baggage support and download the airlines baggage claim from the website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Southwest Airlines allows you to bring one personal item and one carry-on bag for free as long as they fit under your seat or overhead bin.

The carry-on items must fit under the seat or in the overhead bin and have maximum dimensions as mentioned above.

You need to know that the check baggage policy allows you to check at least 2 bags for free with the maximum size of 62 linear inches and a maximum weight of 50 lbs each.

Yes the fees are likely to vary depending on the type and size of the equipment and if it is considered as a standard checked baggage or oversized item.

The fee was $75.00 for each oversized item that did not fit in the overhead bin or under the seat.

Southwest Airlines allows you to bring one personal item and one carry-on item for free.

According to the southwest baggage policy every bag must not weigh over 50 lbs or 23 KG.

Yes, Southwest Airlines allows passengers to bring certain special items without additional fees. Medical equipment, such as wheelchairs, walkers, and CPAP machines, can be carried on or checked for free. Additionally, strollers and car seats can be checked at the gate or ticket counter without counting towards your checked baggage allowance.

Southwest Airlines allows small, vaccinated domestic cats and dogs to travel in the cabin with their owners. Pets must be transported in an approved carrier that fits under the seat in front of you. The carrier counts as your personal item, and there is a pet fare of $95 each way. Only one pet carrier per ticketed passenger is allowed, and the carrier can contain up to two small pets of the same species.

If your checked baggage is lost or delayed, you should report it to the Southwest Airlines baggage service office at the airport immediately upon arrival. You will need to provide your contact information, baggage claim number, and a description of your luggage. Southwest Airlines will make every effort to locate your bag and deliver it to you. If your baggage is not found within five days, you can file a lost baggage claim for compensation.

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